BIOGOLD Natur Ltd.


Health hidden in oil

Centre: 10 Balatoni Street, Lovas H-8228
Site: 20 Kossuth Street, Nemesvámos H-8248

Ferenc Takács, company manager,
+36 88 265 367
Fax: +36 87 447 340
+36 30 927 9343

The company can be visited after making appointment in advance.


  • main product: bio sunflower cold-squeezed cooking oil
  • bio sunflower unscented cooking oil (common production with University of Pannonia)
  • bio seasoning oil with garlic
  • bio frying oil
  • Omega 3&6 cold-squeezed scentless cooking oil
  • cold-squeezed scentless rape oil
  • bio flax seed oil
  • bio pumpkin seed oil
  • cold-squeezed pumpkin seed oil
  • cold-squeezed bio poppy seed oil
  • bio grape seed oil
  • bio hempseed oil
  • bio sesame seed oil
  • bio peanut oil
  • bio lady’s thistle seed oil
  • bio grape seed and skin grist
  • bio pumpkin seed flour
  • bio flax seed flour
  • bio poppy seed flour


  • oil making from brought material
  • flour making from brought material

You can purchase via Internet, telephone, fax order or cash on delivery, but you can buy our products in person at our site, in certain bio shops, at retailers in Budapest. You can also find bio pumpkin seed oil in DM shops and in Eszter Herb Shop in Veszprém.

BIOGOLD Natur Ltd. Is a family-run business involved in trading mainly quality, healthy, bio products, which stands fast on the international market, as well.
Their wide range of products include, among others, cold-squeezed bio cooking oils, reform cooking oils, other bio oils. Besides bio grape seed micro grist, bio pumpkin seed flour and bio poppy seed flour are also popular. As a service, they offer rented oil and grape seed making, as well.
They buy up poppy seed, grape seed, chestnut and almond from local producers.